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Hidden Studio

Architectural project


Architect - Emna RACHED

Photographe - Emna RACHED

Styling - Clare 

The client bought this little charming studio during the pandemic to have a get away for herself where she can relax. She started renovating it by herself but quickly she understood the a support of a professional was needed to achieve her targets. It is located in LA FAVELA CHIC neighborhood of Paspatur, the old town of Fethiye, a village located in the south of Muğla, Turkey.

The renovation was quite challenging, it requires careful planning and execution to could create an useful place well organized yet pleasant to experience. With limited space and historic building regulations to consider, the renovation process was well thought out and executed by experienced professionals. The aim was to create a space that maximizes functionality while maintaining the integrity of the old town's unique character. By incorporating modern elements, the renovated studio brought old simple world charm contemporary living. A successful transformation of the space has led to a perfect synergy between the functionality and the esthetic.The biggest challenge it was to create an access to the roof and create a nice terrace to could enjoy the sea view from the rooftop.


Mission: Architectural Renovation & Execution

Delivery Date 2022

Starting Date 2022

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