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EMNA is founded by Emna RACHED; a Franco-Tunisian architect based lately in Turkey. She worked for more than eight years as an architect specialised in developing 3D architectural images, for one of the most widely-known Paris based agencies in this field. She has collaborated with architects from around the world on large-scale projects which have been included in international competitions.

Regardless of the scope of the project, she always brings to bear a concern for detail, arising from her belief that it is attention to detail which makes a critical difference to the coherent outcome of a project. It is this concern for detail which has led her to create objects which are inspired by what she sees around her in her daily life, details of architecture, and of basic geometrical forms. She believes that her artistic character and the vision and insight which she brings to bear are the result of her multicultural identity and multi-national experience. 

They have led her to develop an artistic style which combines minimalism and "orientalism"

Emna shows a sensitivity to her surroundings, to her environment, and to the practical needs of clients.  For her, the ideal creation is a synergy of the functionality of an object (or a space), the purity of its lines, and the nobility of materials worked by the hand of artisans.

Underscoring the mediterranean lifestyle and the work of the local hand-crafters is one of the major purpose of Emna Studio.

For any collaboration or project inquires, don't hesitate to contact us.

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