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To be Social House Hotel

Conceptual Architectural Project


Renders - Emna RACHED

Fethiye is now one of the most important summer coast destinations on the south western coast of Turkey, the Turkish Riviera. Fethiye is knowing a massive urban expansion due to the tourism's boom.

The project consisted on designing a cozy boutique hotel in the suburbs of Fethiye, in a residential neighborhood, not far from the center that includes 9 rooms, a local restaurant and a fitness studio. The concept of the hotel and its rooms was designed to celebrate the "Modern" Mediterranean lifestyle. 

The atypical use of colorful tiles in the rooms, restaurant and sanitaries came to break with the bohemian style that reigns almost everywhere in Fethiye besides its functional and aesthetic aspect.

the exaggerated length of the ceramic swimming pool is just a continuation to celebrate the chic Mediterranean style.

Mission: Architectural Design & interiors

Delivered Date 2020

Start Date 2019

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