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Tinton's House

Architectural project


Architect - Emna RACHED

Photographe - Anton IVANOV

Styling - Anna KOROLEVA

It is located in Paspatur, the old town of Fethiye, a village located in the south of Muğla, Turkey. The majority of the surrounding buildings are old two-story row  stone houses, in which the ground floor was traditionally used as a kitchen-seating area and the first floor for room and storage use.
The house, which used to inhabited by 2 families, used the patio-garden as a living area and the rest of the space as a residence. the first floor was added later and has a separated entrance. The house was owned by the grandfather of the actual owner. Since the house remained uninhabited for many decades, it was in a very bad situation in all aspects. The roof was partielly falling down.
The house has originally a certain level of privacy from the street which we tried to maintained by keeping the entrance transition hall and enlarging the patio. We maintained as well the two seperated studios but we created additional commun areas such as the entrance seating area and the courtyard.The biggest challenge it was to include the access of the first floor to the covered space which became later the main nerf of the house, a suspended stairs that cover partially the main and the back facade. It bring dynamic and volume to the house itself by fliltered the light that has become abondant after the creation of this transparent wall.
For this kind of renovation, we always choose to maintain the original structure and space dispatching.The underground and the first floor are made of stone which we tried to preserve from modification and intervention as it can represent a challenge for the structure. During our process, we had to reinforce the foundation and the first floor structure as it had been later made of very volatile brick walls.
Therefore, our main function in this case is to organize the new program of needs within the existing space, being as coherent as possible and seeking a balance between what is needed and what can be obtained.For us, it is both a job and an obligation to try to make our interventions as respectful and unobtrusive as possible, with the intention of not distorting the local architecture, tradition, and culture.The courtyard, as an essential space in Mediterranean architecture, we tried to make it as large as possible to to optimize its use. Patio are an additional room that can be use all day and year around.
We tried in this project, as for most our projects to source our materials locally. We like using tiles in all our projects, (never too much tiles for us) we tried to diversify their tiling style, color and texture.On the main stairs, we have used handmade terracotta tiles as flooring combined with steps made of oak wood.
After our intervention, Tinton’s house is definitely seen differently, it’s now a unique contemporary traditional Mediterranean house, ready to be preserved and maintained over time. Its walls will never stop telling us stories.
Tinton’s House is now an Airbnb house that can be visited and enjoyed all year round.

Mission: Architectural Renovation & Execution

Delivery Date 2022

Starting Date 2020

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