ENNETHA Gold & Amber Thread Bracelet

SKU: EE0001

This Thread Bracelet is handmade of 14K Gold details and an Amber scented bead. 

The Tunisian Dark Amber is a sweet rich scented resin with a touch of spice and hint of Musk.

The Amber beads are handmade from various fragrant compounds and fashioned into molds then baked in the sun until hard.

Amber is not just a nice and sensual scent. This blend serves the purpose of calming the mind, boost immune system, improve sleep and much more.

The Amber Jewelries are of a high sensual significance, since is some parts of North Africa ( where Berberians use to live ), women were not allowed to wear it when their husband where away from home.


*ENNETHA means Feminity in Berberian Language.




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