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What began as a furniture brand EMNA STUDIO turned into a concept store due to EMNA’ s wish ( and of course dream ) to bring together young independent local designers, like herself, and mediterranean ones in a very special renovated old house located in the old city of Fethiye.

The journey effectively started when we found this lovely double flat Rum Evi and we decided to renovated. It has an interesting ceiling height and a nice minimalist facade, a characteristic of the old houses of this region.
It includes EMNA STUDIO , our Architectural & Furniture design studio and a small co-working space at the first floor and a store with a Tea Bar at the ground floor.

EMNA STUDIO, Le Concept Store is the first Concept Store in it is kind in the Aegean region. We are not a decoration shop, we are not a fashion store or a gift store, we don’t like etiquettes, we are all of those, a life style space that allows you to have a bit of Istanbul or Tunis or Paris in Fethiye. It is an open invitation for traveling.

By our ECLECTIC selection, we offer dream and magic to the visitors of our space. It is all about sharing life style ideas, good designs and stories behind every brand. EMNA selects preciously her collaborators, and tend to work with sustainable brands that respect environment.

Workshops, talks and parties are held in that lovely place to extend this beautiful sharing journey with Fethiye’s people and our beloved visitors coming from the cities around or from abroad.
You will find your best coffee table, your new ceramic tray or your new best note- book at EMNA STUDIO, Le Concept Store.

Our MINIMALIST range of furniture pieces for daily use and distinguished interiors is showcased continuously at Le Concept Store with a selection of beauty pro- ducts, ethically made fashion items, ceramic tableware products, decoration items, cushions, stationary and graphic design products, wall decoration items, baby wearing products, locally made organic food, painting, bags and many more...

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